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Our swimmers participated in local events that are organized by Manisa Governorship, Provincial Directorate of Sports, City Representative Authority on Swimming, and achieved important degrees in these competitions.

The last major event that our swimmers participated in was the first stage of “Anatolia Stars League”, Aegean region events, held on December 27-28, 20014 and coorganized by two important sports authorities in Turkey: General Directorate of Youth and Sports, Swimming Federation of Turkey.
Approximately 168 athletes and trainers participated in the event from seven Aegean cities; Izmir, Manisa, Denizli, Kutahya, Eskisehir, Aydin and Mugla. Our club is represented by our athletes Azra Alkan, Aknur Kesici, Beyza Öz, Efe Üstündağ, Öykü Üstündağ, Arda Aturgil and Alp Sel.

İrem Birsu Erol İrem Birsu Erol Zeynep Öz Zeynep Öz YAman Biçer Yaman Biçer Poyraz Uysal Poyraz Uysal Öykü Üstündağ Öykü Üstündağ Oğulcan Sepek Oğulcan Sepek Nisa Aplak Nisa Aplak Naz Aşanlı Naz Aşanlı HAmza Niyazi Güleç Hamza Niyazi Güleç Görkem Ali Gökmen Görkem Ali Gökmen Ezgi Kapar Ezgi Kapar Eylül Su Gürat Eylül Su Gürat Egemen Diktaş Egemen Diktaş Efe Üstündağ Necmettin Efe Üstündağ Efe Çaparlı Efe Çaparlı Deniz Ödev Deniz Ödev Ceren Uysal Ceren Uysal Beyza Öz Beyza Öz Berfin Uçar Yüzme Berfin Uçar Batuhan Deneri Batuhan Deneri Azra Ebru Beldek Azra Ebru Beldek Azra Alkan Azra Alkan Ayça Yerkazanoğlu Ayça Yerkazanoğlu Arda Aturgil İbrahim Arda Aturgil Arca Sarı Arca Sarı Alp Sel Alp Sel Aknur Kesici Aknur Kesici Açelya Aturgil Açelya Aturgil